Pinnacle Medicine & Medical Sciences
                                                           ISSN: 2360-9516

                                                  October 2016 - Vol. 3 (6)


Institutionalization Of Nursing Care For Expectant Mothers In The City Of Chilpancingo Gro. Mexico

Dr. Imelda Socorro Hernández Nava, Dr. Lydia Edita Sánchez Arce

Vol.3 (6), Article ID pmms_258, 1103-1109, October-2016.

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Effects Of GLP-1 Analogues, DPP-4 Inhibitors And SGLT2 Inhibitors On The Renal System

Alexander Oswaldo Ojeda Crespo Md-Mgs, Alexander Xavier Ojeda Cedillo Md,
Dr. Andrés Eduardo Ojeda Cedillo Md, Dr Vicente Antonio Sánchez López Md

Vol.3 (6), Article ID pmms_257, 1096-1102, October-2016.

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