Pinnacle Psychology

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July 2016, Vol.3 (2).

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Research Article


Psychological Development Strategies To Organize The Curriculum

MC. Jose Saul Hernandez Lopez

Department of psychology,
University of Sonora, Mexico.

Accepted 12 July, 2016; Available Online 18 July, 2016.


The following is a proposed theoretical ordering of the academic curriculum from teaching toward intellectual processes of the student in their psychological development and demands for curriculum space for functions defined hierarchical structure, in increasing complexity where the resulting are: programs that support the educational process. Such a strategy considered curricular proposals that have emerged as innovative structures, are empirical and unexplored, which prevents its follow-up and therefore not conclude in forming delimitation.
Explore a path of psychological development, to develop and describe criteria and components identified in the dynamics of behavior training, curricular scenarios and relationships in any school setting. Refers to the study of the academico-curriculares practices, linked to its characterization, composition, definition and mechanisms of evaluation and intervention in a scheme of psychological development, (Tinbergen, J. 1994).
Proposed consolidated only learning to express and in targeting and that will only exist to the extent that requested or respondent (Sigel, i. 1982), induced, shown or guided, is educated (Bosh, l. 1984), and therefore to have the education must have conditions for the establishment, development and production of curriculum development.

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