Pinnacle Psychology

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September 2015, Vol.2 (2).

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Research Article


Humanistic Antidotes for a Social Media Technology Addicted Society

Elliot Benjamin, Ph.D.

Accepted 30 August, 2015; Available Online 3 September, 2015.


This article describes some of the serious growing concerns about the dangers of widespread social media technology addiction in U.S. society, and virtually all over the world. These concerns are especially prominent regarding the excessive use of social media technology by young people, as conveyed by the author through excerpts from various articles. Additionally, the author describes his own psychology teaching experiences at a university in Maine that illustrates through small group class discussions the concerns students have about the excessive use of social media technology, in the form of narrative research. Humanistic antidotes based upon Carl Rogers' initial formulation of humanistic psychology through engaging in genuine, caring, authentic relationships with others are given, in particular with college students in the context of humanistic education, as practiced by the author. Inclusive of taking time to express one's own deepest self inclinations, the author concludes with a positive vision of how the benefits of extensive information and communication through social media technology can be maintained while avoiding its negative dehumanizing addictive dangers.

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