Pinnacle Psychology

(ISSN: 2360-9508)

August 2015, Vol.2 (1).

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Research Article


Human Rights, Sexual Exploitation And Confrontation With Human Trafficking In Brazil

Pedro Paulo Gastalho de Bicalho

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro,
Psychology Institute,
Avenida Pasteur, 250 Pavilhão Nilton Campos, 22290-340, Urca,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Accepted 5 August, 2015; Available Online 10 August, 2015.


This essay regards the emergence of sexual rights as a form of human rights and contemporary processes of criminalization that are materialized through sexual exploitation, thinking about multiple ways of understanding. The aim is to visualize knowledge productions - always articulating power relations - to study the subjectivity processes of the analysis of the operation of bio-political power and its effects nowadays. This text indicates the need for further questioning - seeking interdisciplinary actions to combat human trafficking and a necessary care in the development of concepts for the construction of practices committed to the promotion of human rights. Specifically in this article human trafficking will be treated through sexual exploitation, analysing its multiple forms of understanding, to promote concepts that can serve as building tools and as an analysis of public policies in this field, in Brazil.

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