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May 2014, Vol.1 (1).

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Research Article


The Creative Artist, Mental Disturbance, and Mental Health: A Narrative, Autoethnographic Case Study of One Year in the Life of My Son the Struggling Actor

Elliot Benjamin, Ph.D.

Swanville, Maine

Accepted 24 April, 2014; Available Online 5 May, 2014


This article is a narrative, autoethnographic case study approach to portray the challenges facing the creative artist of becoming successful both in one's chosen artistic endeavors as well as in adjustment to life. The focus of the article involves commentaries and an analysis of excerpts from the blog entries which describe one year in the life of a struggling actor who moved to Hollywood two years ago to become a successful actor, and who happens to be the author's 32-year-old son. The excerpts from the blog of this struggling actor demonstrate the relationship of the creative artist to mental disturbance as well as mental health, and continuous themes involve the factors of eccentricity, resilience, and egocentrism. A qualitative research methodology is utilized in this article, including the methodologies of narrative research, autoethnographic research, case study, and intertextual analysis.

Keywords: creative artist, mental disturbance, mental health, eccentricity, resilience, egocentrism, case study, narrative research, autoethnographic research, intertextual analysis.

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