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October 2014, Vol.2 (3).

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Research Article


The Sources of City Knowledge in Built Environment

Alia Taha Ali1 & Dr. Khadiga M. Osman2

College of Architecture and Physical Planning,
Sudan University of Science & Technology,
2Associate Professor,
College of Architecture and Physical Planning,
Sudan University of Science & Technology,

Accepted 15 October, 2014; Available Online 19 October, 2014


Cities in the urban studies consider as the place of urban community; contains people' daily life, cultures, proprieties. Their behaviors and activities formulate city shape and structure. Different sciences studied cities; each one with a different view points and consideration. But they all have similarities in some sides; and complement each other.

The paper aim at defining city sciences from the perspective of various disciplines - architecture and built environment inclusive - so as to determine the similarities and differences in the definitions from various disciplines. This could be advantageous in general city knowledge's; help in designing educational programs; and preparing city science disciplinary courses in Architecture and Built Environment; and also, in determining urban planning process and its relevant issues; specially in arranging and managing city development projects responsibilities and roles; and this identified the confusion between professions in Built Environment applications.

City, Built environment, Knowledge, Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Regional Planning, Spatial Planning, landscape Architecture, Urban Geography, Economy, Technology, Demography, Politics & law, Sociology, Culture, Environment & Ecology, and Philosophy

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