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December 2015, Vol. 2 (3).

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Mineralogical Studies Associated with Meta Volcano Sedimentary Sequence,
in Sinkat Area - Sudan

Albarra Mohammed Nour Satti Mohammed1*, Badr El Din Khalil Ahmed2

1*Faculty of Earth Sciences,
Red Sea University,

2Department of Geology of Mineral Wealth,
Faculty of Petroleum and Minerals,
Al Neelain University,
Khartoum, Sudan.

Accepted 12 December, 2015; Available Online 14 December, 2015.


Sinkat area is located in the southern part of the Red Sea State- Sudan. It dominated by the late Proterozoic Pan-African meta volcano-sedimentary green stones and Syn-late and post orogenic igneous intrusive complex. Data obtained during this work indicated that the meta volcano-sedimentary sequence is transitional to low-K tholeiitic and calc-alkaline meta volcanics and the associated plutonic rocks are more evolved and comprised a low- K calc -alkaline series, more the less major mineralized zones associated with this sequence. The objective of this study is to identify the mineralization zones associated with the rock unit in Sinkat area. This is because it is rich in many economic minerals such as (Mn, Fe, Cu) and did not receive adequate geological studies to confirm existence of many types of mineralized rocks. Field observations with chemical analysis for samples showed clearly there are mineralization of Mn-Fe bearing minerals in Jebel- Almashgog North of Gebiet and Cu minerals in Jebel -Lambat West of Sinkat. All these minerals are in low-to-medium grade. In addition to that there is a good reserve of marble rocks that be quarried in Summite village west of Sinkat area.

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