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August 2014, Vol.1 (2).

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Fire Impacts to Quality of Reservoirs San Roque and Los Molinos

Santiago Reyna1, Teresa Reyna2 & María Lábaque3

Facultad de Ciencias Exactas1,2&3
Físicas y Naturales,
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba,

Accepted 14th August, 2014; Available Online 25th August, 2014


Córdoba along with its hinterland is one of the most important cities in Argentina with a population in 2010 of more than 1,400,000 inhabitants. In this city, water is supplied by the San Roque Los Molinos reservoirs. The region is subject to strong variations in its hydrological cycles. Besides, a steady population growth experienced in recent years in the city and its hinterland has derived in conflicts in the water supply which were protracted by droughts, floods and changes in the land use. Additionally, periodic fires in the basin seriously deteriorated both reservoirs routing with very serious consequences. this study is presented to perform the assessment of impairment suffered annually by both lakes due to fires occurring in the Sierras de Cordoba. This study attempts to determine the increased siltation in reservoirs that supply water to the city as a result of fires. The model used to calculate the specified degradation in the basin is the Djorovic & Gavrilovic (1974). Results show a decrease in time lag to reach a total siltation of the reservoirs due to fires in the upper basin.

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