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March 2014, Vol.1 (1).

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Rutaba Alam1, Amsa Zafar2, Asmara Ghafoor3, Aiman Naseem4, Quratulain Ali5 & Prof. Fauzia Imtiaz6*

Department of Biochemistry1,2,3,4,5&6
Dow Medical College (DMC)
Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS)

Accepted 6 March, 2014; Available Online 9 March, 2014


It is observed fact that petrol pump workers (filling attendants) are continuously exposed to the Organic and inorganic substances present in the petrol. The present study aims to evaluate the pulmonary function of filling attendant exposed to volatile organic and inorganic compounds (voc)arising from fuel on fuel filling stations, in order to judge the level of respiratory compromise. Health effects of occupational exposure to petroleum vapors and air pollution from filling station is relatively unexplored among petrol filling workers in Karachi. The research is a case- control study that comprises a total of 130 controls and 130 cases (fuel station workers).The data were collected by convenient random sampling technique. Lung function of workers was evaluated by using vitalograph. Lung function parameters FVC, FEV1, FEV1% and PEFR were assessed. Data analysis was done on SPSS 16 version. Mean age group for both control and cases was 28.63± 1.5 yrs. Filling stations were divided in three categories according to the type of fuel available i.e. CNG, petrol and both, with majority falling in the both. On the basis of duty hours employs were categorized in three groups i.e. less than 8 hours, 8-12 hours and more than 12 hours with majority falling in more than 12 hours; it was found that the duty hours are indirectly related to VC of individuals. For this study the individuals were matching age, height and weight so that no significant difference were observed. However, it was observed that significant decrease was seen in VC, FVC, FEV1, PEFR and FEV1%, .This, suggests that these variables are markedly affected between the control and case study. The study showed that lung functions are altered in petrol pump workers as compared to the control group, because of petrol fumes.

Keywords: Petrol pumps workers, pulmonary function test, vitalograph.
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