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February 2014, Vol. 1 (1).

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Biotechnological importance of cocoon refrigeration on the pupal performance of multivoltine mulberry silkworm (Bombyx mori Linn)

Smita Shukla1, Surendra Prasad2* & V.B. Upadhyay3

1,2&3Silkworm Laboratory
Department of Zoology
D.D.U. Gorakhpur University
Gorakhpur-273009, India.

Accepted 20 February, 2014; Available Online 22 February, 2014


Temperature and humidity are the key environmental factors that play a major role in the physiological behavior of the insects. Being a poikilothermic organism temperature decides the fate of the development in silkworm. The insects will get acclimatized to the low temperature. The aim of the present study is to estimate the effect of cocoon refrigeration on the pupal performance i.e., pupal duration, pupal weight and survival of pupae. For the experiment cocoons were consigned to low temperature at 5°C at 0 ,2 ,4 , 6 ,8 days of pre-refrigeration and refrigerated for 0 ,5 ,10 ,15 ,20 ,25 ,30 days. A control set was always maintained with each batch. The maximum pupal weight (0.9074±0.023 g) was noticed in case of 8 day pre-refrigeration-0 day refrigeration and survival of pupae (85.33±1.54 %) was noticed in case of 6 day pre-refrigeration-0 day of refrigeration. While the minimum pupal weight (0.6226±0.008 g) and survival of pupae (55.10±1.776 %) was noticed in 6 day pre-refrigeration-20 day refrigeration of cocoon. The minimum pupal duration (7.89±0.35 days) was recorded in case of 0 day pre-refrigeration-0 day of refrigeration of cocoons. Thus it may solve the problem of sericulture industry regarding the development of a suitable long term seed cocoon preservation method for skipping safe post ponement of the emergence of moth.

Keywords: Refrigeration, Pre-refrigeration, Pupal duration, Pupal weight, Survival of pupae.

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