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November, 2016, Vol.3 (1).

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Induce Ovulation Using Different Doses Of Pmsg In Female Rat (Ratus norvegicus)

Bambang Poernomo S.

Department of Anatomy Veterinary,
Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine,
Airlangga University, Jl. Mulyorejo,
Kampus C. Surabaya 60115 Indonesia.

Accepted 19 November, 2016; Available Online 22 November, 2016.


Technique for induce ovulation has been applied, particularly when large numbers of embryos are required for embryo transfer. The purpose of the research was study of induce ovulation among group treated with different doses of PMSG in female rat. All population of female rats were divided into three groups consisting of 10 animals each. Each animal were injected intra peritoneal at volume 0.1 cc. Doses of PMSG were 0 IU, 10 IU, and 20 IU, respectively, on the day minus two. Therefore, all animals were injected intra peritoneal on day zero. On day 4, all female rats were sacrifice and the uterus were taken out. A blunt 21 gauge needle was inserted through the cervic into the lumen of uteri. Then the Fallopian tubes were cut off. Embryo collection were recovered through flushing 1 cc PBS added with 20% FCS supplement.
The treated group were administered dose 10 and 20 IU PMSG tended to increased the number of eggs super ovulated, a number of embryos were found degenerated at the time of observation.
This research suggested that the doses of PMSG play an important role as a source of variation in induce ovulation.

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