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June 2014, Vol.2 (2).

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Effect of arsenic trioxide poisoning on hematological parameters, liver marker enzymes and kidney of male albino rats

Campbell A. Charles

Department of Science Laboratory Technology (Environmental Biology Unit),
School of Technology,
Lagos State Polytechnic,
Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

Accepted 18 June, 2014; Available Online 19 June, 2014


Arsenic is a notorious human toxicant that is derived from the natural environment. The incidence of arsenic contamination of ground water used for both irrigation as well as for human consumption or industrial activities has taken the dimension of an epidemiological problem. The present investigation was therefore undertaken to study the effect of arsenic trioxide on the hematological parameters, liver and kidney of male albino rats. 20 male albino rats were divided into two groups of 10 rats per group: Groups A (control) received no poisoning while group B received arsenic trioxide (20mg/Kg body weight twice a day for seven days). They were acclimatized for one week before administration of arsenic trioxide commenced. The WBC count in group B animals administered with arsenic trioxide (P<0.05) were significantly increased compared to group A animals (control group). The results of this study show that HGB, RBC and HCT values were significantly reduced (P<0.05) in group B administered with arsenic trioxde compared to the healthy control group. Arsenic trioxide significantly reduced (P<0.05) total protein and albumin while total bilirubin increases in group B compared to group A. The result of this study indicates that arsenic trioxide induced marked renal and liver damage characterized by a significant increase (P<0.05) in plasma urea, creatinine, AST, ALT, and ALP values in group B compared to group A.

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