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December 2013, Vol.1 (1).

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A brief study on the combining abilities of quantitative traits in field pea (Pisum Sativum L.)

Valentin Kosev

Scientific Departments,
Breeding and Seed Production of Forage Crops,
Institute of Forage Crops,
Pleven Gen.Vladimir Vazov 89 street 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria.

Accepted 23 December, 2013; Available Online 30 December, 2013


The objective of this research was to investigate and estimates of the general combining ability (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA) for the yield-related traits (plant height; height to first pod; number of pods per plant; seeds per plant; seeds per pod; number nodes per plant; inter-node distance; seed weight per plant and 1000 seed weight) in forage pea varieties for identifying suitable parents for pea - breeding programs. The 12 F1's and 12 F2's progenies of four divergent parents (Pleven 10, Mir and EFB33) mated in full diallel scheme. The results of the analysis of combinative ability of the investigated traits showed high significant variance of SCA for all traits both generations with the exception of 1000 seed weight in F1 and seeds per pod in F2. High significant variance of GCA is showed from 1000 seed weight in F1. The additive gene effects play a more importantce a role in the inheritance of seeds per pod, seed weight per plant and 1000 seed weight, in F1 and seeds per pod and inter-node distance in F2. Whereas for the traits plant height; height to first pod; pods per plant; seeds per plant; nodes per plant; fertile nodes per plant in both generations have an influence on non-additive genetic interactions, where SCA was observed to be of higher magnitude than GCA. The parent Mir was found to be good general combiner for traits - plant height, pods, and nodes per plant, Kerpo for seeds weight per plant, Pleven 10 for 1000 seed weight and E.F.B.33 for inter-node distance. The best hybrid combinations due to their desired SCA effects were identified crosses P2 × P4 for number pods, seeds, nodes and fertile nodes per plant, P3 × P1 for plant height, height to first pod and 1000 seed weight and P1 × P3 for number seed per pod. These findings can be utilized further in selection program to enhance the yield potential of pea genotypes.

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