Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How long will the peer review process take?

A: The peer review process takes about two to three weeks.

Q2: How can I know the status of my paper?

A: Please send your paper title to the and you will get a prompt response within 48 hours.

Q3: Where can I find a manuscript guideline and format specification?

A: Please click For Author Guidelines.

Q4: Why do I need to sign a consent form?

A: To protect the rights and interests between authors and the publisher, authors are required to grant an exclusive licence to the publisher. Compliant with the open access policy, the publisher can reproduce, distribute, display and store the manuscript.

Q5: How many papers can an author submit and what are the restrictions?

A: Authors can submit unlimited different manuscripts to one journal. But it’s unacceptable to submit the same manuscript to different journals. If you are not sure about how to choose, refer to full list of our journals to confirm which journal is most suitable for your manuscript.

Q6: Are there any Non-English language for writing?

A: All our published manuscripts are written in English.  Please contact the editor to discuss how to deal with non-English manuscripts by email:

Q7: What type of manuscripts will PJPUB publish?

A: We published manuscript in all academics disciplines, including Research Article, Short Communication, Review Article, Case Report etc.

Q8: What are Manuscripts file format?

A: PJPUB only accepts manuscripts prepared in MS Word Format or PDF Format.

Q9: Do PJPUB journals have impact factors?

A: As a new publisher, the impact factor is unavailable at present. The impact factor reflects the average number of citations to recent articles published by the journals during the last two years.

Q10: How long will the submitted manuscripts be published?

A: The publication process from initial submission to final publication will take about 1 month.

Q11: Are Pinnacle journals indexed in bibliographic databases?
A: Our Journals are currently indexed by Google Scholar.

Q12: How long will submitted manuscripts be published?
A: From initial submission to final publication will take about a month.

Q13: How much is Pinnacle Journal Publication charging?
See our publication charge.

Q14: How do I submit my paper to PJPUB journals?
A: Submit your manuscript via e-mail attachment to:

Obtaining Additional Information

If you can't find the answer to your question in the listed FAQs, please ask us your question by email: We will give you a prompt response within 48 hours.

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