Pinnacle Psychology

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October 2015, Vol.2 (3).

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Research Article


Mediumship, Death, and Grief: A Personal Experiential Research Account

Elliot Benjamin, Ph.D.

Accepted 26 October, 2015; Available Online 28 October, 2015.


In this article, the personal experiential research method is used to describe the benefits of mediumship in the grieving process. In particular, the author describes his firsthand account of being involved in the grieving process of his "significant other" over the death of her mother. This kind of beneficial value is reinforced by the literature on the grieving process; however, this beneficial value is separate from the authenticity of whether or not there is life after death and if mediums truly are able to communicate with deceased spirits. Rather, this beneficial value is fully based upon the experience of the person who is grieving being able to "feel" a continued connection with the loss of his or her loved one. In the context of what the author has learned from his personal experiential research, the benefits of mediumship in the grieving process may be a part of a person's process of returning to a more positive state of mind, but may not be the central part of the process. Rather, the person doing deep psychological work on his/herself to assimilate the loss of his/her loved one may be the most important aspect of grieving to return to a more positive state of mind.

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