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December 2017, Vol. 4 (4).

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Case Report: Fungal Infections in the Normal Gingival Mucosa Affecting Oral Surgery

Fanny Margaretha Laihad1*, Hery Supriyadi2, Eddy Hermanto3, Monika Elidasari4, Soemartono5
Ghita Hadi Hollanda6

Sub Department of Oral Surgery1-2
Naval Hospital dr. Ramelan Surabaya,

Departement of Oral Surgery1-6
Dental Faculty,
Hang Tuah University, Surabaya,

Accepted 7 December, 2017; Available Online 11 December, 2017.


Background: Fungal infections is difficult to detect. to diagnose and to treat because there was no clinical sign in oral cavity. Often regarded as a normal flora, the fungus in the oral cavity is less calculated in performing oral surgery, but there are case reports stating that patients infected with oral fungus have a history of previous trauma due to self-extraction of a tooth or injection. Purpose: To study the presence of fungal infections in the normal gingival mucosa affecting oral surgery. Case report: One case of tooth extraction with complications in immunocompromised patient and two cases of odontectomy in young and healthy patients. Despite prior premedication of antibiotics and analgesics, the minor operation has to be postponed because the patients feel severe pain once the gingival mucosa is touched and anesthesia is performed by injection. Results: There was a growth of fungus in the gingival mucosal after culturing and after being given anti-fungal therapy for 7 days, patients can be performed painless surgery. Conclusion: Need to be aware of the presence of fungal infection when performing surgery in the oral cavity especially in immunocompromised patients, also in healthy patients and the possibility of spreading the infection to other organs through blood vessel.

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