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December 2017, Vol. 4 (4).

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Research Article


Implement A Healthy Lifestyle Of The Elderly People In The Penipe Canton, Chimborazo Province

Nataly Rubio López

Universidad Nacional de Chimborazo,

Accepted 1 December, 2017; Available Online 4 December, 2017.


The intention of this article, is to implement a healthy lifestyle program for older adults in the Penipe Canton, in the Province of Chimborazo, to assess and improve the lifestyle of this sector of society that traditionally are far from the daily agitation of young people and are often separated from their own families and activities because they do not have the same conditions to carry out activities that they previously managed to execute very easily. The main processes of aging, the structural changes that it generates and its physiological or pathophysiological consequences are considered as the foundation. Likewise, the benefits of a program of physical activity or exercise directed to this population are generally presented. The deductive and inductive method was used; Thus the research design is documentary because an investigation was made in the databases Science Direct, Springer Journal, Springer books and Pubmed, and on the field, since it was carried out in the specific site where the project will be applied, the Type of study is longitudinal. It is intended to investigate what factors guarantee an adequate lifestyle despite the years they have lived. Which are the environments that make your life worthy and that motivate you to make the difference between several people who have the same life circumstances and lead a stationary life. It may depend on the support you receive, your environment, food and care you need to continue your daily activities. This project aims to adapt the older adult organism to a planned training system; Exercise programs will help reduce health costs by reducing falls, strokes, myocardial infarctions or chronic diseases of the aging process.

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