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October 2017, Vol. 4 (3).

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Research Article


The Role Of Occupation Therapy (Ergo Therapy) Activity And The Influence Of Musical Therapy In The Treatment Of Memory Loss Due To Alzheimer’s

Prof. Dr. Sevda Asqarova

Ergotherapy Department,
Faculty of Health Sciences,
Üsküdar University,

Accepted 16 October, 2017; Available Online 18 October, 2017.


The aim of this research is to identify the general problems of individuals with Alzheimer's disease and to identify their activity deficiencies by evaluating their wishes. By looking at Alzheimer's individuals living alone from the general point of view, I aimed to make an assessment by considering the influence of the disease and to make an analysis with factors such as which activities are preferred, which activities are not desired to be done and which activities are difficult. By identifying a person Alzheimer disease and assessing their physical condition, cognitive function, ability and emotional state, their deficiencies and willingness were determined. By paying attention to making changes in the daily living activity plan and especially aiming to show the effect of Music Therapy on patients scientifically.
This study would be more participatory and active by choosing a person who is in the first stage of the illness so that I would make a demand - case distinction. We have progressed by demonstrating the therapeutic aspects of music, paying great attention to participation and motivation in the activities we have planned. to ensure that lost melancholic abilities are eliminated through music therapy.

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