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March 2017, Vol. 4 (1).

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Botulinum Toxin And Parkinson's Disease: A Powerful Therapeutic Agent When Used With Awareness

Marco Orsini1*, Marcos RG de Freitas2, Marco Antônio Araújo Leite2, Eduardo Lima Trajano2
Débora Meireles Mesquita3, Monara Nunes4, Mauricio Santanna5, Victor Hugo Bastos4

Mestrado profissional em Ciências Aplicadas em Saúde- Universidade Severino Sombra.1*

Universidade Federal Fluminense.2

Escola Superior de Ensino Helena Antipoff - Faculdades Pestalozzi.3

Universidade Federal do Piaui, Piauí, Brazil.4

Instituto Federal do Rio de Janeiro.5

Accepted 6 March, 2017; Available Online 8 March, 2017.


The botulinum toxin is an effective treatment modality for many neurological conditions, and could have a safe and useful role in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. When appropriate targets and doses are selected, botulinum toxin avoids drug interactions and side effects of new drugs associated with levodopa, the precursor of dopamine used in treatment for Parkinson's disease since 1970s. The application of botulinum toxin has shown good results in the treatment of abnormal movements and many other symptoms that are often challenging in Parkinson's therapy.

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