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October 2016, Vol. 3 (6).

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Institutionalization Of Nursing Care For Expectant Mothers In The City Of Chilpancingo Gro. Mexico

Dr. Imelda Socorro Hernández Nava1*, Dr. Lydia Edita Sánchez Arce2

Doctora de la Universidad Nacional de Trujillo Perú en convenio con la UAM-Xochimilco,1*

Asesora de tesis,2
Profesora titular de la Universidad Nacional de Trujillo Perú.

Accepted 19 October, 2016; Available Online 21 October, 2016.


Introduction: Nursing care to pregnant women in Mexico is governed by the standard NOM-007-SSA2- 2010. In Guerrero, 50% of pregnant women seeking consultation during the first trimester, refer delay contact with health services for poor correspondence between services offered and expectations. Objectives: To describe and analyze instituted, instituting and institutionalization of nursing care process to pregnant women. Methodology: qualitative, descriptive research; ten nurses, four medical doctors and ten pregnant women in their third trimester were selected for convenience during prenatal consultation. A depth interview was used, prior informed consent. Scenario: seven health centers. Thematic analysis was used, considering ethical principles and criteria of rigor. Result and Discussion: Three categories: 1 nursing care instituted. Subcategories: 1.1 nursing care routinized as official standard; 1.2 Nursing care as a horizontal vs. vertical exercise power. Category 2: instituting nursing care received by the mother. 2.1 subcategories (In) satisfaction of nursing care; 2.2. Practice positive dialogue vs. negative. 2.3 Dynamic restrictive nursing care Vs humanized. Category 3. Processes of institutionalization of care for expectant mothers. 3.1 subcategories. Monitoring care facility in the gestating 3.2 Family involvement in the care of the mother. Conclusion: Nurses meet the instituted, applying treatment protocols and imposing the power structure of the institution. Care is more instrumental to pregnant with good treatment, satisfaction with care and good communication.

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