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October 2016, Vol. 3 (6).

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Effects Of GLP-1 Analogues, DPP-4 Inhibitors And SGLT2 Inhibitors On The Renal System

Alexander Oswaldo Ojeda Crespo Md-Mgs1*, Alexander Xavier Ojeda Cedillo Md2
Dr. Andrés Eduardo Ojeda Cedillo Md3, Dr Vicente Antonio Sánchez López Md4

Teacher - Researcher1*
Technical University Of Machala,

Hospital Social Security Institute Of Ecuador.2

The Ministry Of Public Health,

Accepted 4 October, 2016; Available Online 6 October, 2016.


Introduction: In order to prevent diabetic nephropathy (DN) that affects an estimated 30-45% of patients with diabetes mellitus type 2, a new therapeutic alternatives including the analogues of GLP-1, inhibitors of DPP-4 and the inhibitors of SGLT2 which seek to reduce the morbi-mortality have been developed. Methods: Meta-analysis of new experimental studies in rats and observational in patients with diabetes who are at risk of suffering from DN. Results: improvement in albuminuria achieved with DPP-4 and SGLT2 inhibitors suggests that these antidiabetic drugs can potentially provide kidney benefits beyond their glucose lowering effects. The use of the GLP1 analogues still remains controversial. Discussion: There are pathophysiological mechanisms by which recipients of the drugs studied decreasing or inhibiting its therapeutic action is alter, the discussion focuses on determining what conditions make it difficult to function. Conclusion: The optimal treatment and prevention of DN requires an early intensive and multifactorial approach to the kidney risk factors. Recent studies indicate that these hypoglycemic have promising effects on the renal system, because they help prevent the progression of glomerular damage in diabetic patients. The regular monitoring of renal function is fundamental to any progression of the disease and adjustment of treatment.

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