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July 2015, Vol. 2 (6).

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Research Article


Music Therapy in NeuroScience

Prof. Dr. Sevda ASQAROVA

Uskudar University Institute of Social Sciences,

Accepted 3 July, 2015; Available Online 6 July, 2015.


From antients times music therapy has been appreciated as a non medicine treatment. Studies on neuroscience shows that music can enhance neurological functions via eliciting the secret chemicals in stress. There is no culture without music on the earth. Since ancient times music was seen as a mystical phenomenon. NeuroMusic, located in the central nervous system and brain shell, thinking, learning, speech, body control is warned about the centers. Neuro Music has its own language and for this reason, has a universal dimension. In this scope Uskudar University Music Therapy and Research Center (MUTEM) conducted studies in NeuroMusic Therapy, developing methods of treatment using creative artistic methods. It is a therapeutic application of music to cognitive, sensory, and motor skills. Neuro Music Therapy in MUTEM is divided into receptive and active forms in medicine. In the world of NeuroScience music has been held again as a therapy instrument by behavioral sciences. Our research is progressing on this path

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