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July 2015, Vol. 2 (6).

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Gender and Age Associate With Sexual Dissatisfaction in Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

João Paulo Lian Branco Martins1, Sirlene Reis Caramello1, Jane Cleide Galindo Rocha1, Natalia Parolin Bonini1, Marcus Vinicius de Souza João-Luiz2*, Dr. Cristoforo Scavone2

Integrated Centre of Nephrology (CINE),1
Av. Estilac Leal, 242 – Vila das Palmeiras – Guarulhos - SP,

Department of Pharmacology,2
Institute of Biomedical Sciences,
University of São Paulo,
São Paulo - Brazil.

Accepted 25 June, 2015; Available Online 1 July, 2015.


Background: Physicians and psychologists have been noticing some degree of sexual dissatisfaction and dysfunction among patients attending our dialysis centre. This motivated us to consider the evaluation of sexual satisfaction among stage 5 chronic kidney disease (CKD 5D) patients, in order to identify possible causes for sexual disorders and thereby contribute to improving their quality of life. Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the sexual behavior and sexual satisfaction of CKD 5D patients undergoing hemodialysis. Participants and Methods: a single-centre, cross- sectional, prospective study was designed with 100 CKD 5D patients. Their quality of life was assessed using the Kidney Disease and Quality of Life - short form (KDQOL-sf) questionnaire, with the sexual assessment component of the KDQOL-sf being statistically evaluated to provide measures of sexual functioning and satisfaction. Main Results: a significant difference in sexual satisfaction was evident when comparing males and females (p <0.05). In addition, age significantly contributed to levels of sexual satisfaction (p < 0.05). Conclusions: Gender and age significantly modulate the high prevalence of sexual dissatisfaction in CKD 5D patients.

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