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July 2015, Vol. 2 (6).

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Depression Associated With Sleeping Disorders Amid Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

J. P. L. B. Martins1, C. Tzanno, Tissiane Gushikeni1, C. Scavone2, M. V. S. João-Luiz2*

RenalClass, Dialysis Center,1

Department of Pharmacology,2
Institute of Biomedical Sciences,
University of São Paulo,
São Paulo - Brazil.

Accepted 24 June, 2015; Available Online 1 July, 2015.


Introduction: In Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease patients on hemodialysis (CKD 5D patients), the prevalence of sleeping problems is high, ranging between 70 and 80%. Our health staff became aware that a significant number of patients complained about sleeping problems. Objective: The aim of this trial was evaluate the sleeping quality among CKD 5D patients as well as the possible clinical correlations. Participants and Methods: a single-center, cross-sectional, prospective clinical trial was designed with 103 CKD 5D patients. Methods: One hundred CKD 5D patients were asked about their quality of sleeping, answering the PSQI question. Patient who got score from 0 to 4 was considered with Good quality of Sleeping and therefore were allocated into the group G. Patients who scored 5 or above were considered with Sleeping Problem and therefore were allocated into the Group SP. Patient's medicine history was also recorded and the association between medicine and quality of life was investigated. Results: Our findings show high prevalence of sleep disorders among CKD 5D patients. Antidepressants showed a significant association with sleep disorders. Conclusions: our study suggests that CKD at stage 5 has a close relationship with sleep problems and also that CKD 5D patients on antidepressant treatment can have sleeping problem.

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