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February 2015, Vol. 2 (2).

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Attitude Of Nurse To Expectant Mother's In Issste Hospital, Chilpancingo Guerrero, México

Sepúlveda Covarrubias Maribel1*, Jarquín Sepúlveda Areli2 & Sánchez Castillo Martha Leticia y Díaz González Lucio3

Unidad Académica de Enfermería No. 11

Instituto Windsor,2

Unidad Académica de Matemáticas3

Accepted 11 February, 2015; Available Online 14 February, 2015.


Introduction: Child birth is always associated with a risk or danger, which varies in different societies is the notion of danger, for some it is a threat to the life of the mother and/or child, for others it is a threat of supe natural character. The attitude, expression or tone of voice in which the nurse's communicates with patient during the first contact may influence their feelings at the time of birth. Objective: To identify the attitude of nurses to pain in patients in labor at the hospital Issste of Chilpancingo, Guerrero. Method: a quantitative, cross -sectional descriptive study was conducted in 50 nurses and 50 patients beneficiaries of the delivery room, the information was obtained directly through the patients and nurses, the technique used was the interview in which the attitude of the nurse through the questionnaire and observation guide was assessed. Results: More than half of the nurses have a favorable attitude toward patients with pain of childbirth, the most nurses accomplish with having a kindness attitude with the patients as instructed in the NANDA (Nor American Nursing Diagnosis Association), that shows more than half of the nurses always attends the call at the moment the patient has contractions; correctly applying the rules of the hospital indicating that all patients are entitled to receive verbal information either directly or indirectly, teach basic types of breathing, emotional support, and enter in advance the delivery room., but more than half of the nurses do not perform therapeutic measures such as friction, tapping, back massage to ease the pain of childbirth, knowing that these techniques are required to keep expectant mother's calm and relaxed for a moment, they do not record the duration of contractions and do not perform leopold maneuvers to verify the position of the baby. Discussion: The majority of nurses participate actively making appropriate at each stage of labor procedures showing a positive attitude that meets the needs of the patient and build self-esteem by 84%, and support for the most convenient breathing techniques at each stage of labor as this helps oxygenation product. but 74% of nurses do not perform therapeutic measures such as friction, tapping, back massage to ease the pain of childbirth techniques required to keep expectant mothers calm and relaxed for a moment, 82 % does not record the duration of contractions and 90% do not perform maneuvers leopold to verify the position of the baby. Conclusion: According to the data obtained by the observation guide, over half of the nurses in Issste Hospital have a favorable attitude in the care they give patients this coincides with the results of the questionnaire applied to users and therefore entitled nurses if they comply with attitude really necessary to provide quality health care services to expected mother's.

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