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June 2015, Vol.2 (1).

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Research Article


Evaluation of ICT Development in Nigeria using some Key Indices

Igbinosa O. G.1 & Datukun K. Aristarkus2*

Accepted 23 June 2015; Available Online October, 2015.


There are four technology groups in the global ICT market namely: Hardware, Software, Services and Communications. Thecommunication services and equipment group has by far the largest share of total ICT. The services group has the second largestshare, while the hardware and software hold the least share.Nigeria ICT industry is a predominantly service based industry that is characterized firstly, by Highly fragmented markets,exemplified by proliferation of small players with low-value offerings. Secondly, by Delivery of value-added services such asnetwork and systems integration is mostly for corporate customers that are comparatively few in number. Thirdly, byManufacturing and Assembly of hardware exhibits very low growth due to lack of essential support infrastructures which limitopportunities and raise entry barriers. Fourthly, by Software development, and the software industry in general isunderdeveloped due to paucity of skill despite a ready and untapped market.This paper evaluates information and communication technology (ICT) development using indicators of ICT and field worksurvey. It develops a conceptual framework for and selects key indicators measuring ICT development, with a specific focus oninformation and communication technologies (ICTs) as pervasive technologies of global impact, wide application and growingpotentials.

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