Pinnacle Engineering & Technology

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May 2015, Vol. 3 (3).

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Research Article


Strategic Proposal For The Developing Cities To Conveying Reality

Alia Taha Ali

College of Architecture and Planning,
Sudan University of Science and Technology,

Accepted 24 April, 2015; Available Online 8 May, 2015


In the twenty-first century, only those metropolitan areas with good physical environment adapt to global economic trends and provide the infrastructure and services that support knowledge-based and technology-driven industries will remain geographic nodes of worldwide business transactions. Unfortunately not all cities have the abilities of that. In the developing countries cities the majority of urban population lives in informal settlements without adequate sanitation, water, transport or health services; and the rapid growth of cities aggravate these situations. So while these cities have been struggling to alleviate these problems, they are also facing new challenges posed by globalization, which is forcing them to restructure their inner situations. This paper try to find a proposal strategy to help developing economy cities to contained their unaccompanied situations and to start their ambitions to convoy real time cities.

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