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January 2017, Vol. 5 (1).

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Research Article


Literary Look At The Toponymy

Yasmina Mendieta

Académica del Departamento de Español,
de la Facultad de Humanidades de la Universidad de Panamá.

Accepted 11 January, 2017, 2016; Available Online 30 January, 2017.


Introduction: The University of Panama presents the academic programs with the definition of the area of study, however at the moment I approach the 'topical' values that the title announces, Literary look at the toponymy, the interdisciplinary possibility emerges, in A search for theoretical positions for literary analysis. Objective: To make available to educators contributions to integrate different humanistic knowledge in schools. Method: qualitative assessment, from the philosophical, literary, linguistic and geographical perspectives. Results: a look at the problem of proper names in fiction texts presupposes a community in which there is agreement on its use in a specific context. From the alliance between word and the world, meaning is born, since literary production aspires to account for the epiphany of the world, completed by the reader. Discussion: Knowing what meaning is and what we mean by a name are questions that have gone through the history of thought, as can be seen in The Naming and Necessity by Kripke. The route of fiction urges us to find out about the special centrality accorded to toponymy in broader contexts, such as literature.

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