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April 2016, Vol. 4 (2).

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Research Article


Sense of Dehumanization: A content analysis of Toni Morrison's Beloved and Song of Solomon

Dr. Hafssah Albarrak

University of Dammam,
Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Accepted 31 March, 2016; Available Online 4 April, 2016.


For centuries racism has been a matter of question in the United States. Race differences and prejudiced attitudes always caused problems whenever the Black and the White wanted to unite and live together. As the racial stereotypical picture held in both groups' mind/logic made them act in a prejudice way, it harmed both groups/cultures.
The quest for freedom and the struggle for survival are the major aspects of African-American history. From the advent of the seventeenth century up to the twentieth century, African-Americans were exposed to various forms of oppression and discrimination that devastated their psyches and forced them to resort to escape mechanisms necessary for survival. Therefore, African-American writers have always been concerned with pinpointing the African-American predicament within the socio-political context of that history.
The intent of the present study is to explore the portrayal of the African-American predicament in the twentieth century. The study tends to analyze the impact of dehumanization on African-Americans, especially in " Beloved and Song of Solomon" within the framework of postmodernism. It, also, tends to investigate the physical and spiritual traumatic effects that were imposed on the blacks.

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