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November 2015, Vol. 3 (9).

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Research Article


Posters as a Method of Communication for the Dissemination of Scientific Culture in Society

Dr. Maha Mohamed Khalil El Boksomaty

Department Of Graphic Design,
Faculty of Fine Arts,
Alexandria University.

Accepted 4 November, 2015; Available Online 6 November, 2015.


This paper explains the importance of posters to the dissemination of scientific culture in the society. That we need methods of communication (such as posters) when population increase. Communication has been practiced by human since the beginning of creation. It is a human phenomenon used for the exchange of information, communication evolves from the latin word "Communicar", in a word of English Common and that any communication means making thing commonplace and familiar and common among the people concerned. It is the exchange process of information, ideas and feeling using symbols, pictures, drawings and words. So posters can achieve the aims for the dissemination of scientific culture in the society such as disease prevention and early warning, the definition of diseases and provide scientific advice to public safety in the society, Included in this paper are the functions of mass communication, The methods that is used in the Communication (advertising) models for some advertising scientific topics.

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