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February 2015, Vol. 3 (2).

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Research Article


Independent Learning and Student Interest Effects for Learning Result of Basic Concept of Science at Elementary School (PDGK4103), Undergraduate PGSD Program


Universitas Terbuka,
Jalan Cabe Raya Pondok Cabe Pamulang Ciputat Tangerang Selatan,

Accepted 5 February, 2014; Available Online 14 February, 2015.


The article presented a research result about independent learning effect and student interest for learning result of basic concept of science at Elementary School, undergraduate PGSD Program. Information and communication technology development is likely to conduct learning process with distance learning system (DLS). Open University (OU) has applied distance learning system to manage learning with the introduction of independent learning process to student. This has been implemented in order for student to solely depends on their own creativity and initiatives, take responsibility for their conduct and be self sufficient without depending on the lecturer direction. To which extent the student can learn by themselves and their interest for the subject of basic concept of science at Elementary School? The research was conducted for student of Undergraduate Study Program of PGSD who took the basic concept of science (PDGK4103). Data collection had been done by using questionnaire about independent learning and student interest for subject of basic concept of science (PDGK4103) listed on UPBJJ regional office in Jakarta, Semarang, Makassar and Serang. Data analysis with using statistical test was obtained that independent learning had a strong correlation as much as 0,567 on learning result of basic concept of science with subject code PGSD 4103 and student interest as much as 0,007 < 0,5. Thus, these are not influencing the learning result of basic concept of science at Elementary School (PDGK4103).

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