Pinnacle Biological Sciences

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November, 2017, Vol.4 (1).

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Research Article


Species With Architectural Potential For The Orizaba-Córdoba Conurbation

Antonio Pérez Pacheco

Fac. C. Biol-Agropec,
Universidad Veracruzana,
Córdoba, Mexico.

Accepted 24 November, 2017; Available Online 27 November, 2017.


The vegetation that surrounds the municipalities of the Orizaba-Córdoba conurbation, houses very important species from the aesthetic, architectural point of view, biological and ecological, and that have not yet been given due importance, because the demanding population focuses on traditional species and forms without realizing that similar species develop and that throughout their development they acquire different arrangements, sizes and colors. This situation should be better taken care of to associate these intrinsic characteristics, of the individuals as of the vegetation as a whole, to those of design and space in the urban, peri-urban, industrial, commercial and artisanal architecture. 41 species of different climates and conditions of development, of primary and secondary vegetation, as well as evergreen and deciduous, also with forms of fronds, branches, and variations of foliage or color and size of leaves, were gathered with qualities to be used in the architectural, landscape and of course ecological for the climatic and pedological variations of the Orizaba-Córdoba conurbation, urban and agricultural.

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