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March 2014, Vol. 2 (1).

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Research Article


Chief Information Officers [CIO] as Network, Database and Web based Systems Administrator: Changing Role and Changing Perceptions

Prantosh Kumar Paul

Bengal Engineering and Science University
Shibpur, WB, India.

Accepted 28 February, 2014; Available Online 2 March, 2014


Information is the valuable entity and most important gradients for several development activities which include societal, economical, political, and educational and so on. Information professionals are those who handle information and information activities including collection, selection, organization, processing and management and ultimately dissemination. Chief Information Officer/ CIO are apex delegates in an organization and institutions for information activities and overall Information Administration. Chief Information Officer/ CIO today work as information professional and side by side technology professionals as they need to do so many technological and managerial tasks too. This paper talks about Chief Information Officer/ CIO; including their traditional role and technological role; especially Network Administrator, Web Administrator, Database Manager and overall System Manager who handle complete Information Administration of the concerned organization and sister organizations in some cases.

Keywords: Computing, Informatics, Information Science, Chief Information Officer, CIO, Information Manager, Technology Management, Network Administrator, Web Administrator, Information Professionals.

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