Pinnacle Agricultural Research & Management

(ISSN: 2360-9451)

March 2015, Vol. 3 (3).

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A Hybrid Model For Simulating Interactions Between Crop And Insecticide-Stressed Pest Dynamics: An Application To Cotton Crop And The Pest helicoverpa armigera

Merimee YANKE NANA1* & Otto RICHTER2

1,2Institute of Geoecology,
Technical University of Braunschweig,
Langer Kamp 19C, 38106 Braunschweig,

Accepted 17 March, 2015; Available Online 23 March, 2015.


In the view of acknowledging the power of matrix population models, we developed a hybrid model that simulates crop-pest interactions with insecticide application. The hybrid model is a coupled time continuous model and time discrete matrix model. The time continuous model in the form of Ordinary Differential Equations simulates cotton growth and insecticide kinetics. The time discrete model is the extended Leslie model which was used here to simulate the population dynamics of helocoverpa armigera and combines its age and stage structures. The coupled model is solved as a sequence of initial value problem for cotton crop dynamics. This hybrid model allows for the simulation of complex structured pest population dynamics and can be used to evaluate treatment schemes with target on pest life stage or age class for a more efficient and sustainable crop protection.

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