Pinnacle Agricultural Research & Management

(ISSN: 2360-9451)

January 2015, Vol. 3 (1).

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Research Article


Pig As A Choice For Animal Experimentation

Sardjana I.K.W.

Clinic Department,
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,
Airlangga University,


Accepted 23 January, 2015; Available Online 27 January, 2015.


Development of Science and Technology through experimental animals has grown widely in the world, including Indonesia, various studies / experiments that have been carried out shows a very positive results for the benefit and progress of science and technology on the one hand and social welfare on the other hand. Pigs as animal experimentation have contributed and serve as animal choice as a test animal, the pig as a species of mammals have in common with man widely associated cardiovascular system, respiratory system and nervous system including musculo-skeletal system.

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