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November 2013, Volume Vol. 1 (1).

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Improving seed germination in sapindus emarginatus vahl

C. Swaminathan1*, R. Revathy2

1Professor and Head,
Dryland Agricultural Research Station,
Chettinad- 630102, Tamil Nadu, India

2Professor (Forestry),
Forest College and Research Institute,
Mettupalayam-641301, Tamil Nadu, India

Accepted 12 November, 2013; Available Online 17 November, 2013


Aim of the study: Poor germination in tree species is a common problem which can be overcome by giving suitable treatment. Sapindus emarginatus Vahl, is a large tree belonging to the family Sapindaceae, capable of colonising in dry shallow soils, loamy soils and lateritic soils.

Materials and Methods: Fresh seeds were collected during summer months from a 20- year-old natural stand at National Pulses Research Centre, Pudukkottai, South India. (8o30’N, 78o24’E, 120m.a.s.l) and subjected to the following treatments i). Inundation in cold water for 24 hr ii). Inundation in boiled water (80oC) and allowed to cool for 24 hr iii). Inundation in cow’s urine for 24 hr iv). Inundation in cow dung slurry (1:2 ratio of dung and water) for 24 hr. v). No treatment (unsoaked dry seeds) The data on germination and related attributes were statistically analysed for ANOVA. Germination indices like (i). Germination percent (ii). Germination value (after Djavanshir and Pourbeik, 1976), (iii) Germination Value (after Czabator,1962) and (iv) Emergency energy value and Germination energy were calculated.

Results: The results indicated that germination in Sapindus emarginatus could be increased by inundating the seeds in cold water for 24 hr before sowing.

Conclusion: The study throws light on exploiting this technique on other tree seeds having the same problem.

Keyword: Germination, Inundation, soaking.

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