Pinnacle Advanced Physics

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July 2015, Vol. 2 (4).

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The Spacetime Of A Cosmic String With Inner Structure In Gauss-Bonnet Gravity

Denis B. Barbosa1*, Jean Paulo Spinelly2

1*Instituto Federal de Educac¸a˜o Ciˆencia e Tecnologia da Para´ıba,
Avenida Tranquilino  C. Lemos,
671, Dinam´erica, Campina Grande-PB, CEP  58 432 300


2Universidade Estadual da Para´ıba,
Av. Barau´nas, 351, Bodocong´o CEP 58429-500,
Campina  Grande-PB,

Accepted 20 June, 2015; Available Online 31 July, 2015.


In this paper we obtain the spacetime of a cosmic string with inner structure of r0 radius, using modified gravity of Gauss-Bonnet (GB). The Gauss-Bonnet gravity modifies the Einstein-Hilbert scalar incorporating higher-order terms on action. We analyzed the string’s space-time inside  and outside of her core, inside r < r0, we will assume that the energy distribution  of the cosmic  string  is constant,  σ = σ0, and outside  null,  σ = 0, for both  we determined  the solution  by using  a specific form of the Gauss-Bonnet scalar, f (G)= α Gn α being a constant and  n an integer.

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