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Recently Published Articles

Case Report: Fungal Infections in the Normal Gingival Mucosa Affecting Oral Surgery

Fanny Margaretha Laihad, Hery Supriyadi, Eddy Hermanto, Monika Elidasari, Soemartono
Ghita Hadi Hollanda

Implement A Healthy Lifestyle Of The Elderly People In The Penipe Canton, Chimborazo Province

Nataly Rubio López

Species With Architectural Potential For The Orizaba-Córdoba Conurbation

Antonio Pérez Pacheco

Non-normal Distribution of Temperatures in the United States of America during 1895-2016: A Challenge to the Central Limit Theorem

Hector Adolf Quevedo Urias, Gabriel A. Gonzalez

Mediumship, Death, and Grief: A Personal Experiential Research Account

Elliot Benjamin, Ph.D.

Gender and Age Associate With Sexual Dissatisfaction in Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

João Paulo Lian Branco Martins, Sirlene Reis Caramello, Jane Cleide Galindo Rocha, Natalia Parolin Bonini, Marcus Vinicius de Souza João-Luiz, Carmen Tzanno Branco Martins, Dr. Cristoforo Scavone

Depression Associated With Sleeping Disorders Amid Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

J. P. L. B. Martins, C. Tzanno, Tissiane Gushikeni, C. Scavone, M. V. S. João-Luiz

Public And Private Law Textbooks Collections: Accreditation Issues And Imperatives For Law Libraries

Oliver T. U. Onwudinjo (Ph.D), Obianuju E. Nwafor-Orizu (Ph.D), Ogbonna Andrew Uchenna & Ndanwu Angela Ifeoma

Improving The Strength Of Adhesively Bonded T-Peel Joints

Wadea Ameen, S.M. Darwish & A.A. Mohamed

The Jocaxian Nothingness

João Carlos Holland de Barcellos

Climate Change and Vector Borne Diseases: The Case of Malaria in Kenya

Jackson W. Songa, MD, MPH

Evaluation of ICT Development in Nigeria using some Key Indices

Igbinosa O. G. & Datukun K. Aristarkus

Domestic Solid Wastes Production and Containers Application in Temporary Storage in Khartoum State, Sudan

Nagat O. M. Elbaroudi, Salih E. M. Ahmed & Eltayeb E.A. Adam

Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis And The Effect Of Ethanolic Leaf Extract Of Vernonia amygdalina On Blood Glucose Concentration And Hematological Parameters In Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Albino Rats

Longe Adeteju Olufunmilayo

The Principles Of Epidemiologic Transition And The Experiences In Kenya

Gatongi, P.M., Songa, J.& Kiyiapi, L.

Strategic Proposal For The Developing Cities To Conveying Reality

Alia Taha Ali

What if Fossils Are Discovered On The Planet Mars? Collection of Related Learning Activities for Promoting Active Learning

Gerald Adams, Ph.D., Abour H. Cherif, Ph.D, Jeremy Dunning, Ph.D, & Farahnaz Movahedzadeh

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